Founder’s Story:

Founder Kat Nouri: She thinks outside of the bag.

As the daughter of a nutritionist and an athlete, Kat Nouri grew up with a healthy upbringing—she obsessively read food labels, and always chose the freshest, healthiest ingredients she could find. When she had children, it became even more important to her to nourish them with pure foods, free from dangerous chemicals and ingredients. Although she was preparing healthy, fresh food for her family, she was storing it in plastic bags and containers—which leached dangerous chemicals and gasses when they were subjected to heat. Knowing that BPA was just one of the hundreds of chemicals that went into plastics. On top of it she never felt good using products that would go to landfills for hundreds of years, destroy the environment, find their way back into our food, water and bodies. This realization shook her to her core—the cycle had to be broken.

She was already designing beautiful, innovative silicone products with her company modern-twist for the past decade, but was frustrated every time she reached for a plastic bag or container. Having the knowledge and the resources, she wanted to produce a healthier alternative to plastic bags and containers that had all the functionality of plastics with the purity of glass. And so stasher—the world’s first self-sealing, non-plastic bag—was born. An everyday household staple that could be the seed to raise awareness, to create a Plastic-free movement. She wanted all families to have access to a better choice. Believing passionately that what you cook and store in should be just as pure as what you eat. The most exciting thing for Kat was that she conceived the concept, but it was her team that has taken the movement to a whole other level that she only dreamed of. Join us in the plastic-free movement, together we will have impact that could provide future generations with a healthier ecosystem.

Stasher is revolutionizing the storage industry by providing a self-sealing, plastic-free, platinum silicone bag you can store and cook in.  Pure platinum food-grade silicone, air-tight pinch-loc seal, cook in, safe, versatile.

Ideal for school, office, travel and so much more. Use it again and again!

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